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Peatlands are fascinating ecosystems realising numerous important functions within landscapes. The condition of peatlands in Germany is still alarming, leading to increased restoration activities during the past years.
An important precondition for successful restoration is the knowledge of the belowground composition – the stratigraphy – of a certain peatland. Peatlands mainly consist of partly characteristic sequences of different types of peat and gyttja. At present, the correct determination of these different deposits is mainly reserved to experts.
Therefore, the „Catalogue of Peatland Deposits“ aims at the profound description and photographical illustration of various deposits to facilitate and enhance the determination, also for non-experts.

The „Catalogue of Peatland Deposits“ consist of two parts: The major component are the 24 actual portraits of the most common peat and gyttja types in Germany as well as a correspondent determination key for application in the field. The introduction part provides supporting information on peatlands, peatland types, peatland deposits and peatland soils. Furthermore, helpful hints are given for realization of field work and derivation of the peatland type with the help of the determined stratigraphy.

At present, the „Catalogue of Peatland Deposits“ is only available in German language and has been designed according to German classification standards. Nevertheless, the portraits of peats and gyttjas might be interesting also for non-German-speakers due to the numerous detailed photographs of the peatland deposits.

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